Please post ideas from your group on this page.


In your group:
1. Brainstorm (without viewing resources) possible ideas for your assigned situation
2. Explore the options & possibilities from this page -- feel free to also do some web search
3. As a group, select 3 to 5 best ideas that would work in your scenario and post those ideas to your wiki page (this page you are reading)
4. Choose a spokesperson to share out 1 or 2 best ideas from your posted ideas

Create a Face book page - do this on paper or on the web. This page gives you resources and rubrics -

You may want to create a shared document at to use for your brainstorming and initial drafts before posting to the wiki page.

  • multiple teachers have access - one teacher at a time utilizing the whole cart on a schedule
  • teachers check out 5 or so computers and use as a learning station
  • students utilize web 2.0 tools such as Make Belief Comix to create their own individual products -
  • students collaborate electronically utilizing Google docs, wikis, ppt, kidpics
  • Students work in pairs on sites such as BBC virtual science experiments -
  • Students collaborate on science projects utilizing productivity software, image editing software, etc.
  • Use drill and practice software for math to reteach and practice.
  • Creating thinking maps using sites such as Read Write Think - venn diagrams, plot maps, story maps -
  • Create timelines with timeline web 2.0 sites for Social Studies or Science -
  • Students create and video blogs via a website.
  • Create and share via a class Ning
  • Have students collaborate utilizing a shared bookmarking tool such as Diigo
  • Students create mock Facebook pages in Google Docs for themselves or figures in history
  • Students put their essays in Wordle to analyze over-used words.